100 N. Island Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 61
Batavia, IL 60510

By Michael Brady
A widower finds solace at his beach house as he struggles to bury the haunting memories of his dead wife while attempting to reconnect with his teenage daughter.

April 27, 28, 29
May 4, 5, 6, 11 & 12
Show Times:
Friday and Saturday 8:00 PM
Sunday 2:00 PM

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David: Derek Swanson
Rachel: Tara Knott
Cindy: Autumn McGarr
Kevin: Jocelyn Adamski Mills
Paul: Eric Clement
Esther: Amy Setencich
Gillian: Jeni Dees

Director: Shay Marquardt
Stage Manager: Marea Berkley
Producers: Jeni Dees, Marea Berkley
Set Construction/Painting: Derek Swanson, Marea Berkley, Eric Clement, Jeni Dees, Ish Rios, Jocelyn Mills, Scott Mills, Shay Marquardt, Colin Cranmer, Amy Setencich, Autumn McGarr, Tara Knott, Jennifer Ring, Robyn Daniels, Mike Johnson, Jeannine Collins
Costumes: The Cast & Crew
Properties:Derek Swanson, Jennifer Ring, Jeni Dees, Amy Setencich, Marea Berkley, Shay Marquardt
Mural Artist: Cheri Marquardt
Lighting Design: Colin Cranmer
Sound Design: Jennifer Rin, Shay Marquardt
Set Design: Shay Marquardt Colin Cranmer
Light Board Operator: Colin Cranmer
Sound Board Operator: Ish Rios
Running Crew: Marea Berkley
Photography: Ish Rios
Programs: Marea Berkley
Cover Design: Isaiah Maldonado